"Dr. Miller has been working with me as a patient for a few years now and throughout my lifelong experience within the often frustrating medical community, I have never encountered a more dedicated doctor. Dr. Miller’s inarguable intelligence, humility, empathy, determination and ability to think outside the box is only a fraction of what makes him so amazing at his job. No matter the complexity of the issues I have brought to him over the years, I have always felt like I was in good hands, and that he wouldn’t stop exploring options until I walked out feeling better. All in all, Dr. Miller will go the extra mile!”

"What stands out the most about Dr. Miller is his passion and commitment to his patients.  My body had years of accumulated damage which took almost a year to unravel and resolve. Dr. Miller was with me every step of the way; patient and relentless in the pursuit of helping me heal. In the time since, I have been able to resume triathlon training and continue my career, feeling better than I have in years."

"I had a great experience working with Dr. Miller. He is able to help the body heal on a level that is surreal, and surpasses the confines of modern medicine. His mastership of Applied Kinesiology, TBM and other modalities shows in his ability to blend all these techniques and utilize his own innovative style to create an individualized approach. I believe he will change the course of medicine by continuing to explore new ways of healing to bring to his patients."

"Dr. Miller is a true pleasure to work with. You would be hard pressed to find a physician that matches his breadth of knowledge, compassion, and intuition. He goes above and beyond to care for his patients and was such an instrumental part of my own healing journey. I can’t recommend him highly enough!"

"My lower back feels pretty amazing.  Able to sit and stand without pain, stiffness or discomfort for the first time in a really long time! It's also been noticeable easier to get comfortable when laying down in bed.  Thanks for the healing!"