Functional Neurology

There is a foundational connection between our nervous system and the entire body, and an imbalance can allow for disease states to arise in organs, glands and tissues, creating prolonged illness and infection as well as unresolved chronic pain and inflammation.  In the same way, an issue within the body such as chronic infections or an autoimmune response can cause imbalance in the nervous system and interfere with our ability to interact with ourselves and the world around us.  Dawning Light focuses on restoring nervous system integration and coordinating the body systems, by applying gentle input, the nervous system can be shifted into balance and harmony.

Botanical Medicine

Over many thousands of years, indigenous cultures have used plants of the natural world to heal.  This rich traditional wisdom is now supported by current research that analyzes different chemical constituents and how they effect the body.  In some cases, botanical medicines have been show to be on par in effectiveness when compared to certain conventional medicines.  When properly utilized, botanical medicine is a safe and effective way to modulate the immune system, restoring health with minimal side effects.  Along with the most active parts, botanical medicines provide the full-spectrum of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, which balance their effects while nourishing the body.  


In the early 19th century, Dr. Sammuel Hannahman MD created a medical system based on the Hippocratic principle that "like cures like."  Homeopathic remedies are highly dilute, non-toxic, natural substances that stimulate the healing ability within each person.  Specific remedies are selected to address particular symptoms while taking into account the uniqueness of the individual.  


Scents affect the oldest evolutionary centers of our brain and have been shown to improve mood and relieve stress.  Particular scents can empower us to work through memories or thought patterns that may no longer be serving us. 

Sound Therapy

The use of vibration and sound has been an integral part of traditional healing from time immemorial.  Soothing sounds create an environment that is calming, centering and conducive to healing.  

Diet and Lifestyle

The goal at Dawning Light is for you to get all of your nutrition from the foods and liquids you consume.  That is why having good eating habits as well as consuming whole nutritious foods is essential to establishing health and wellness.  We may not be fully absorbing and utilizing the nutrients from our food and some of us may have sensitivities to particular foods or drinks.  This is why Dawning Light focuses on restoring gut health as the first step towards healing. 

A healthy, balanced microbiome is essential to the proper absorption, assimilation, utilization and excretion of nutrientsOur gut microbiome enjoys a "win-win" symbiotic relationship with our body where we supply various types of fiber and our beneficial microbiome creates essential vitamins such as thiamine (B1), folate (B9), biotin (B7), riboflavin (B2), panothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), cobalamin (B12) and Vitamin K.  Our microbiome also provides specific short chain fatty acids that our intestinal cells use for energy production, mucosal barrier maintenance and immune function. Enzymes are also produced that aid in the release of minerals from foods we eat and also increase the absorption of nutrients. 

Stress is part of life and comes in many forms. We benefit from healthy stress like proper exercise, skill improvement and friendly competition.  However, our modern society creates many stresses that our body is not equipped to handle, over-activating our stress response.  This can create an internal environment in our body that makes us more prone to injury, illness and chronic states.  We determine which hobbies and activities that you enjoy and incorporate them into your lifestyle to relieve stress and improve overall health.