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Naturopathic Medicine

Health and disease result from the complex interplay of physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors.  The multifactorial nature of health and disease requires a personalized and comprehensive approach to health care. Dawning Light seeks to treat the causes of disease, rather than to merely eliminate or suppress symptoms.  Our role is to support, facilitate and augment the body’s natural healing process by identifying and removing obstacles to health and recovery, and by supporting the creation of a healthy internal and external environment. Our goal at Dawning Light is to empower you with knowledge about how your body functions so you can actively participate in your healing process.  Achieving health and wellness is a journey and we are there with you, every step of the way!

Dawning Light

Dawning Light refers to the foundational human experience of restoring health and wellness after a time of illness.  Illness, whether acute or chronic, can be compared to the darkness before the dawn. The experience of illness is often accompanied with a feeling of the unknown, which can make us feel powerless.  And just as the night is darkest before the dawn, we can even begin to lose our hope because nothing seems like it is getting better.  When we have a healing experience, it feels like a great light has been shown into our very being, illuminating who we are and what makes us tick.  This light often reveals our true priorities and helps us to renew our perspective in life. The journey to health can impart valuable knowledge about ourselves on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  It provides us with an understanding about how to maintain our health and why it is so important to do so, inspiring us to live a more happy and fulfilling life!

A Unique Perspective

Often times, all that is needed to find a solution is a new way of looking at a problem. Dawning Light offers a unique perspective to health, leaving no stone unturned to determine the root cause(s) of the ailment.  First, the uniqueness of the individual is taken into account with their own story being told.  Then it is determined whether there are any obstructing factors to healing such as toxins, nutritional deficiencies, unresolved emotions or excessive stress.  When we ensure that the necessary materials are provided and various obstructing factors are removed, the body is able to activate its incredible capacity to heal.