The Master Healer Within

The ability of the body to heal is Integral to the existence of all living beings.  From the built-in mechanisms of DNA repair to the innate cascade response to injury and infections, our body has an incredibly strong ability to heal itself. The goal at Dawning Light is to enable our innate healing ability while removing factors that obstruct this process, such as toxins, infections and stress.  We then provide support with nutrition, gentle body care and natural medicines.  

Our philosophy holds that no matter what condition we may be experiencing, it is important to acknowledge that we are not our condition but simply experiencing its effects. Our true identity is that of a healthy, whole individual that has the ability to heal!

A Unique Perspective

Dawning Light offers a unique perspective to your health concerns, leaving no stone unturned to determine the root cause of ailments.  When a problem is unsolvable, we must view it in a new light to find a solution.   By taking a closer look at your experience and applying a deeper understanding of how our body works, we can follow the signs to previously hidden clues, leading us to the solution.

Naturopathic Medicine Works

There is a vast progression of illness that occurs in the body on the way to disease, which we call a pathological state. Functional Medicine refers to health care that operates in this progressive realm and this is where Naturopathic Medicine truly shines!   After ruling out the need for higher interventions, we can safely and effectively work with natural means to support the body's own healing ability  When we understand the intricacies of the body systems and how to support them, we can use gentle therapies such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, body care and nutrition to return our body to a state of health and wellness.  

The Nervous System Runs the Show

There are many systems that need to work in synchronicity for the body to function optimally.  When these systems of the body are in balance, it is called  homeostasis.  Our central nervous system (CNS), is comprised of the brain and spinal cord and controls, modulates and coordinates all the body systems.  The CNS can do this directly via neurotransmitters and also by activating the release of hormones that travel through our body to effect cell receptors.  Not only does our CNS instruct the systems to work in harmony, it also is constantly processing data from these systems in order to understand real time needs and adjust function accordingly. Because the nervous system is comprised of many messages processed cohesively, we can add to this conversation by applying gentle input that supports the body to reestablish homeostasis. 

Epigenetics is Key

Our DNA is the blueprint found within the nucleus of every cell that instructs what proteins are to be made, creating all the structures and functional molecules in our body. We have learned an incredible amount of information not only about our DNA itself, but also how it expresses, or does not express itself.  Our DNA has on and off signals that effect our genetic expression, what we call epigeneticsEpigenetic signals are triggered by the environment inside and around our body and the improper applications of these signals are a main cause of dysfunction in the body.  Because epigenetic expression of our genes is effected by the environment, we can improve these factors with modifications to diet and lifestyle.